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During your stay with is you can book different services and treatments. Depending on which program you booked some of them are included in your program.


Our yoga and healing holiday programs and treatments are available for anyone who wants to retreat with us for a few days or weeks. Choose the dates you prefer, and add on services such as massages, reiki, sound baths, meditation with horses and more.​ Most can be reserved once you have a arrived as well.



During our Yoga and Healing Holidays, we believe that true healing begins from within. Our retreats offer a safe and nurturing environment where you can embark on a profound inward journey, shedding layers of stress, tension, and limiting beliefs. Through transformative workshops, guided meditations, and enlightening discussions, you will gain valuable insights and tools to integrate into your daily life, fostering a sustainable and holistic approach to well-being.

Alaya offers energy healing and coaching for people and animals including:

  • Reiki treatments and healing for people and animals (you can bring your dog or horse for a reiki session)

  • Quartz bowl treatment for animals and humans

  • Systemic coaching assisted by horses for individuals and teams

  • Meditation and percussion sessions with and for horses


Join us on this extraordinary path of self-discovery, where yoga and healing harmonize to create an unforgettable experience. Your journey towards balance, serenity, and optimal well-being starts here.

Our rescue animals, horses, dogs, cats and our piggy are active providers of healings in our programs. Among the countless species that share our planet, horses and dogs stand out as two of the most extraordinary creatures when it comes to providing therapeutic benefits and promoting emotional well-being. Through their innate empathy, unwavering loyalty, and unique set of skills, horses and dogs have become invaluable allies in the realm of animal-assisted therapy, aiding humans in their journey towards physical, mental, and emotional healing.


Horses and dogs, in particular, have emerged as vital partners in the realm of therapeutic interventions, demonstrating their unique ability to help individuals overcome adversity and find solace in their presence. As we delve deeper into the realm of animal-assisted therapy, it becomes increasingly evident that animals have a profound impact on our lives, reminding us of the beauty of compassion, connection, and the profound healing that can occur through the simple act of sharing our lives with them.

Healing treatments


Healings and Treatments:


Reiki/healing | 50

Healing with horses | 50

Quartz bowl sound healings | 80

Therapeutic Massage | 80

Relaxing Massage | 50

Hypnotherapy | 80

Treatments assisted by our Rescue Animals:

Meditation with horses in group | 30

Animal Breath-work Connection with horses and dogs | 50

Coaching with Horses in Group | 50

Yoga/ Meditation and other Activities:

Yoga | 15

Meditation | 15

Mindfulness | 15

Yoga Nidra | 15

Meditative Walks | 15

Meditative Enso circle painting | 20

Circle of Fire | Free

Tantra session for couples* | 80

* Please not that not all services are available at all times: some need to be reserved ahead of time and some require a minimum of 10 people. All prices per person and excl. VAT.

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