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Yoga and  Healing with


When we interact with horses, we are forced to be aware because horses live in the present and respond to our nonverbal cues and body language. This can help us become more mindful of our own emotions and thoughts, which is essential for meditation and spiritual well-being.

It has been proven that this equines also have a calming effect on humans, which can help us reduce stress and anxiety. Their rhythmic movements and the sound of their breathing can be meditative, and their gentle natures can help us feel more connected to nature and the universe.

Horses are also powerful symbols of freedom, strength, and spirituality in many cultures, which can make them a meaningful part of spiritual practices and rituals. For example, horses are often used in Native American spirituality as symbols of power and healing.

Ellen Christiaanse


Ellen is a dedicated practitioner who has been working with horses and healing modalities for several years. Particularly passionate about using Reiki, equine assisted constellations, and equine facilitated meditation to help individuals connect with horses and tap into their healing power. Ellen has experience working with wild untouched mustang horses in California, where she developed a deep understanding of the energy and behavior of these magnificent creatures. She loves animal communication and has done several courses to improve her skills. Ellen's work is driven by a deep respect for the natural world and a belief in the power of horses to facilitate healing and personal growth. Her compassionate and intuitive approach to working with both horses and humans has earned her a reputation as a skilled and effective practitioner in her field.

Animal Breath Connection

Horses as sensitive as they are will react immediately to your breathing. Synchronizing your breath with a horse will deepen your experience with it, relaxing them so you might find a horse lying down next to you synchronizing their breath with yours as is shown in the video (Keep Sound On as that is an integral part of the demo).

The Animal Breathwork Connection (ABC) meditation does not require any previous experience with horses or breathwork.


A Reiki session is like an energy massage, it is a way of channeling energy from the universe that produces a state of well-being in the recipient, which improves our health and optimizes our life. It can be effective in a multitude of discomforts and disorders, both physical and psychological, such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, arthritis, migraines, gastric problems, and it also acts as a healer of deep emotional blockages. It is not only aimed at suppressing pathology, but also to recover the natural state of balance that produces well-being and happiness. Reiki helps us face life with greater balance.

Horses are very sensitive to energies, they feel the energetic and loving touch of the therapist, they love to receive Reiki and collaborate and interact in Reiki sessions with people.


Horses are very sensitive to our internal state, and through their behavior they force us to see what lies below the surface, which we ourselves may not have detected. By being around these hypersensitive animals, one learns to calm down and better use somatic, emotional and intuitive information, which we often ignore.

The horse's heart rate is coherent (organized, stable, in sync with its breathing and brain activity) most of the time. The strong electromagnetic field generated by the horse's heart influences and stabilizes the beating of the human heart - makes it more coherent. High cardiac coherence leads to a highly positive and regenerative physiological state. 

Meditation with horses is a very simple and relaxing way to let these majestic animals help us generate greater well-being and personal growth.

Join us for
a retreat.

In a Masia in the middle of vineyards, surrounded by nature and amazing views, we will take you through a self-discovery journey with the guidance and our loving rescued horses. Along with yoga sessions to improve body awareness, delicious vegetarian food and comfortable accommodation.

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