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Sat, Feb 17



DETOX WEEK RETREAT: Escape, Cleanse, Renew.

Welcome to our rejuvenating and transformative detox retreat, where we invite you to embark on a journey of renewal and self-discovery.

DETOX WEEK RETREAT: Escape, Cleanse, Renew.
DETOX WEEK RETREAT: Escape, Cleanse, Renew.

Time & Location

Feb 17, 2024, 3:00 PM – Feb 24, 2024, 1:00 PM

Barcelona, Cal Pau Cruset Barri, Camí de Mas Bertran, 08737, Barcelona, Spain

About the event

Discover the Benefits:

1. Renewed Energy: Through a carefully crafted program of nourishing juices, healing broths, and revitalizing yoga sessions, you'll experience a surge of energy that emanates from the core of your being. Break free from the fatigue of daily life and embrace a renewed sense of vitality.

2. Cleansed Body and Mind: Our detox retreat focuses not only on cleansing the body but also on clearing the mind. Purify your system with nutrient-dense juices and broths that support the body's natural detox processes, while mindfulness practices and yoga cultivate mental clarity and emotional balance.

3. Stress Reduction: Step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in a serene environment that encourages relaxation. Our retreat provides the perfect setting for stress reduction, allowing you to unwind, release tension, and find a deep sense of peace.

4. Weight Management: A detox retreat can be a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle, aiding in weight management by promoting the elimination of toxins and supporting metabolic functions. Learn about sustainable nutrition choices and mindful eating habits that can contribute to long-term well-being.

5. Enhanced Digestion: Reset your digestive system with nutrient-rich juices and soothing broths. Our carefully curated menu is designed to promote digestive health, allowing your body to absorb essential nutrients more efficiently.

6. Holistic Wellness: Embrace a holistic approach to wellness that addresses the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Engage in yoga, reiki, healing and massage sessions that promote physical strength, flexibility, and emotional balance, fostering a sense of overall well-being.

7. Connection with Nature: Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature. Our retreat is situated in a tranquil setting, providing an opportunity to connect with the earth, breathe in fresh air, and find solace in the natural world. Nature becomes both a backdrop and a guide for your journey to wellness.

Morning Activities:

1. Welcome ceremony and orientation.

2. Day of arrival: Introduction to wellness principles by our medical expert.

3. Sunrise yoga: Gentle yoga and relaxation session or Energizing morning yoga.

4. Nutrient-packed beverage for a healthy start.

5. Detox workshop: Understanding the body's natural processes/Detox lecture: Emotional cleansing and stress reduction.

6. Creative expression workshop (art, journaling).

7. Midday yoga for rejuvenation.

8. Reflection time in nature/ excursion to the waterfalls/ making soundscapes/ hiking.

9. Workshop: Post-detox nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Afternoon Activities:

1. Group activity in nature.

2. Yoga for flexibility and circulation.

3. Energizing vegetable juice/Light vegetable-based juice/ Protein-rich smoothie

4. Guided meditation.

5. Restorative yoga and deep relaxation.

6. Guided breathing exercises.

7. Group activity.

8. Yoga for balance.

Evening Activities:

1. Sunset meditation/Evening meditation.

2. Fresh vegetable and herb broth/ Light dinner with a cleansing vegetable broth..

3. Free time for personal reflection/Group sharing and reflections.

This program aims to provide a balance of physical activities, nutritional support, and mindfulness practices for a holistic detox experience. Adjust the intensity and content based on the preferences and health needs of the participants. Additionally, consult with health professionals to ensure the program aligns with individual health conditions.

During our detox days we will take an organic juice 3 times a day and a vegetable broth at night. You will not feel hungry at all most probably. Juices will be served at 9 am,  1 pm,  5 pm and the broth at 8 pm.


• 1 consult with our medical doctor on checkin day

• Overnight stay

• Fullboard

• Daily medical supervision

• Infusiones

• Talks on health and nutricion

• all program items: yoga, hiking, meditation

• all juices, broths, filtered water and herbal teas

• one special session of meditation with horses

• with an 8 day stay: one treatment of your choice included e.g. massage, reiki with horses, sound therapy

Not Included:

• transportation to and from the venue

• health insurance

• treatments and healings

As you embark on this detox retreat, we invite you to embrace the benefits that arise from a dedicated focus on self-care, mindful nourishment, and the rejuvenating power of nature. It's time to invest in your well-being and embark on a journey of transformation. Welcome to a retreat that celebrates the beauty of renewal and the joy of rediscovering your most vibrant self.

Dr. Damian Cantaloube will be our in-house medical doctor and nutrician and will do an intake consult with you to check your health upon arrival.

Dr. Damian Cantaloube:

As distinguished physician, Damien is recognized as a visionary and pioneer in the field of holistic medicine. As the founder of the Evolución Serial center, he has devoted his career to seamlessly blending medical tradition with innovative and holistic approaches. Driven by an unwavering commitment to comprehensive well-being, Dr. Cantaloube sets himself apart through his holistic approach and the ability to transcend conventional boundaries in healthcare.  His transformative vision and dedicated efforts towards the evolution of health have positioned him as a notable figure in the industry. Now, he extends his services to Alaya Healing Center, where his unique expertise finds a new space to inspire personal well-being and transformation.


  • Shared Room

    Double or Triple Room

    From €189.00 to €1,299.00
    Sale ended
    • €1,299.00
      +€32.48 service fee
    • €1,134.00
      +€28.35 service fee
    • €567.00
      +€14.18 service fee
    • €189.00
      +€4.73 service fee
  • Private Room

    From €249.00 to €1,599.00
    Sale ended
    • €1,599.00
      +€39.98 service fee
    • €1,494.00
      +€37.35 service fee
    • €747.00
      +€18.68 service fee
    • €249.00
      +€6.23 service fee
  • Bunk Bed

    From €149.00 to €999.00
    Sale ended
    • €999.00
      +€24.98 service fee
    • €849.00
      +€21.23 service fee
    • €447.00
      +€11.18 service fee
    • €149.00
      +€3.73 service fee



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